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Click here to stop hair loss.Hair Loss

Most people would prefer to ignore hair loss than to actually deal with it. But the reality is that hair loss can affect anyone including both men and women and there are some solutions that work.

People suffer from hair loss for a number of reasons and an even greater number of solutions are available. Advances in research and technology have produced solutions that do not involve surgery as well as new surgical techniques that have a more natural effect with less scarring than was previously possible.

CoupleOn this site, you will find an abundance of information regarding hair loss. You will find information about:

  • the types of hair loss experienced by men and women
  • how to find a certified, reliable doctor
  • what exactly is a hair transplant and how it works
  • symptoms to look for
  • male pattern baldness
  • female pattern baldness
  • how to deal with hair loss
  • facts of myths
  • and future alternatives being researched

Here are a few fun facts I bet you didn’t know about hair!

  • hair grows faster in the summer
  • a strand of hair lives up to seven years
  • a person loses up to 100 hairs a day
  • the average scalp has 100,000 strands
  • 90% of scalp hair is growing; 10% rests

Fortunately, we live in the modern times and men and women no longer have to be stoic about hair loss. From medications like Rogaine to hair transplants, there are a plethora of options available to stem the tide of baldness.


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