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Click here to stop hair loss.Facts and Myths

Many people think that they know everything there is know about what ails them. Well, think again. There are a number of facts that people don’t know about hair loss and also a number of commonly known “facts” are actually untrue. Here you will find facts and myths about hair.



  • A combination of hormones and genetic factors are responsible for male and female pattern hair loss.
  • A typical scalp contains 100,000 to 150,000 hair follicles before any hair loss will occur.
  • Blondes have the greatest number of scalp follicles followed by brunettes.
  • Redheads have the fewest number of scalp follicles.
  • 50 percent of all men experience hair loss sometime in their lives.
  • The average growth rate of hair is about one-fourth to one and a half inches per month.
  • Androgens are hormones responsible for controlling human hair growth.
  • Androgens must be present for growth of body hair; however the growth of scalp hair is not dependant on the hormone.
  • Hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body, second only to bone marrow.
  • It is normal to lose 100 hairs per day from the scalp.
  • Many drugs can cause hair loss.
  • Thyroid imbalance and iron deficiency are reversible causes for hair loss.
  • Over 50% of men by age 50 have male pattern hair loss.
  • Forty percent of women by the time they reach menopause will have female pattern (hereditary) hair loss.


  • Washing your hair too much can cause you to lose more hair than you should.
  • You can increase the number of hair follicles by using drugs or other methods.
  • Wearing a hat causes hair loss.
  • Cutting or shaving your hair promotes hair growth.
  • Dandruff causes you to lose hair.
  • Hair loss does not affect young people.
  • Using a hair dryer can cause you to lose more hair than normal.
  • Lack of sex causes hair to thin.
  • The gene for male pattern baldness comes only from the mother.


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