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Click here to stop hair loss.Finding a Doctor

Upon your decision for surgical hair restoration the next most crucial step is finding a qualified surgeon. Use this list as a guide to help you choose the perfect doctor.

1. Choose a surgeon who performs at least one hundred hair restoration surgeries per year. An experienced surgeon will have some privileges with a local hospital in case of a complication. Avoid the family doctor who claims he can do the job for a small fee. A good place to look is the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons also known as IAHRS
2. Ask for credentials. See what he has done and what groups he is a member of. Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for complaints.
3. Get any and all quotes on paper and make sure to carefully read the small print. All too often promises are broken by the small print.
4. Don't be fooled by fake photography. Pictures are easy to manipulate. Look for before and after pictures at exactly the same angles and the same distances. Look for pictures that depict the person from the front, back and top, not just the front or side.
5. Avoid hair clinics, franchises and hair salons that provide hair restoration. These places usually employ fly by night surgeons with little or no experience. Franchises that claim they have years of experience and thousands of cases usually mean all of their franchises combine and not one particular surgeon.
6. Look for someone who takes extreme pride in his work. These surgeons usually have an artistic side, which will come forth in his work.
7. Get as much material as you can such as videos and brochures and read them all. The quality of their material also reflects the quality of their work.
8. If it is too GOOD to be true, it probably is.
9. Be logical. If you barely have any hair left, the surgeon who promises every bit of hair back on your head is LYING.


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